RBVH Provides Pet Hospice Care for a Peaceful Transition

When you face the end of life for your faithful companion, Red Bank Veterinary Hospital provides supportive services such as hospice care. We help you create an end-of-life plan that meets your pet’s needs, one that offers comfortable surroundings, managed pain, and noninvasive therapies.

Hospice Care Supports Pets & Owners

We provide a quiet, restful atmosphere where your companion is expertly cared for, allowing those final moments to be filled with compassion and peace. Our team is committed to providing the compassion and respect your friend deserves at the end of life.

If you prefer those final moments to be at home in the circle of family, we also offer home hospice support.

End of Life
The decision to euthanize a companion animal is never an easy one. Our veterinary team understands the emotional difficulty that comes along with this decision. We take time to talk with you, explaining all options and answering any questions you may have.

Most importantly, we provide you and your pet with all the support, information, and care you need during the process. Our priority is to ensure a peaceful and comfortable passing and to treat each step with care and respect.

Pet Loss Support Groups

When the time comes, pet loss support is available to our pet owners at no charge. Contact us to discuss your wishes during this difficult time.