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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

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Listing of Candles

517 lit candles

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   For Iris  ~Lit by~ Howard, Nancy, Kym and Max

   For Sara  ~Lit by~ Momma, Daddy, and Gbug

   For Roxy  ~Lit by~ Angela, Michael, Lucy and Andrew

   For Semper   ~Lit by~ Mindy, Heidi, Ty, Molly, Missy,

   For Tigger  ~Lit by~ Mom and Uncle Jim

   For Jack & Phoenix  ~Lit by~ Mommy

   For BAKER  ~Lit by~ george

   For Mya  ~Lit by~ The Tyler Family

   For Chance  ~Lit by~ Jeanann & Eddie

   For Molly Hayes  ~Lit by~ Sue, Rob, Jeanine, Bob, Steph, Nick and Kerri

   For Lucky Pug  ~Lit by~ Sharyn, Ken, and Gwen

   For Lucky Pug  ~Lit by~ Ken, Sharyn, and Gwen with love

   For Boomer  ~Lit by~ Sohail and Amy

   For Molly   ~Lit by~ Your best friends Renee and Stephen

   For Molly   ~Lit by~ Mommy and Daddt

   For Molly   ~Lit by~ Stephen and Renee

   For COCO  ~Lit by~ LYNDA

   For Jasmine  ~Lit by~ Simmi

   For Jasmine  ~Lit by~ You will forever be loved, Mommy and Daddy

   For Chloe Beck  ~Lit by~ Forever in my heart, Love Mommy

   For Sully  ~Lit by~ Lisa and SHAHS with abundant love

   For Lucky  ~Lit by~ Whitney and Brian-we miss you

   For Ashton  ~Lit by~ Amber and Isaiah

   For Piper   ~Lit by~ your family who misses you

   For Piper   ~Lit by~ Stefanie

   For Stewie  ~Lit by~ Gary and Joann

   For BAKER  ~Lit by~ g.k.

   For Penelope  ~Lit by~ Daphne, who will miss and love my "Pee-Face" for the rest of my life

   For Cory  ~Lit by~ Lynn , for my sweet boy ,with love and gratitude. I miss you so.

   For Cecilia  ~Lit by~ Julie

   For Louie  ~Lit by~ Cristel, Francess and Cassie with love

   For Mr. Kitty  ~Lit by~ Jen & Mike

   For Chenaenae Dugan  ~Lit by~ John and Cheryl with heartfelt love for our little dog

   For Chico  ~Lit by~ Tello Family

   For Princesa  ~Lit by~ Tello Family

   For Jadzia  ~Lit by~ Mommy and Leia

   For Bree Andrews  ~Lit by~ Grammy

   For Maddie   ~Lit by~ The Hough-Preston Family

   For Bree Andrews  ~Lit by~ Greta Andrews

   For JOCKO  ~Lit by~ Mommy and Daddy

   For Samantha (Sammy)  ~Lit by~ Love you always, Mom, Steve, Dave

   For Sir Boss Jump  ~Lit by~ Christopher, Nana & PopPop

   For Beau, The Canine Cure  ~Lit by~ Milana, Jake, Luke and Lexi

   For Beau, The Canine Cure  ~Lit by~ Ivy & Bob Kirn, with love

   For Alexis  ~Lit by~ Mommy, Lucy, Gracie, Sammy, Rachel and Charlie

   For HoneyBear  ~Lit by~ Mama

   For Tommie  ~Lit by~ Sweet Pea and Cheyenne

   For Aspen  ~Lit by~ Mommy, Daddy & Coconut

   For Morrison   ~Lit by~ Brian and Louise

   For Tino  ~Lit by~ your family

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