Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Service

Sports MedicineOur goal is to help athletic and working dogs optimize their performance and to help them prevent injuries. Should injuries occur, we are here to diagnose and treat them as they arise.

For Pet Owners

Patients may include:

  • Working dogs (police, military)
  • Service Dogs
  • Sled dogs that run the Iditarod
  • Hunting dogs
  • Herding dogs
  • Pets who serve as workout companions for their owners
  • Competition dogs that participate in agility, fly ball, jumping, etc.

These Dogs may Experience:

  • Sudden or Chronic Underperformance
  • Non-Surgical/Unknown Lameness

Services include:

Performance Evaluations

Assessing and improving agility, strength, and conditioning for optimal performance

  • Optimizing canine athletic potential
  • Conditioning and nutrition for young dogs
  • Preseason examinations and conditioning programs
  • Offseason conditioning programs

Lameness Diagnostic Clinic

  • Gait Laboratory - Utilizes Computer-Enhanced Videography to Help Identify Gait Alterations and Abnormal Movements
  • Thermotherapy - A Non-Invasive Imaging Procedure Used to Help Identify Inflammation and Abnormal Heat Changes within the Musculoskeletal System

For Primary Care Veterinarians

Rehabilitation and Reconditioning Referral Services:

  • Consultations for rehabilitation or therapeutic cases
  • Custom therapeutic and rehabilitation protocols
  • Rehabilitative care for lame or post-surgical patients
  • Therapeutic management for obscure lameness

Sports Medicine & Physical Rehabilitation Brochure

Download this brochure to learn more about Sports Medicine & Physical Rehabilitation for your pet.